FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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Donald Trump seven state super Tuesday victory falling short in one key respect rather than forcing his main rival out of the race the result that now prolong the bitter battle for the GOP nomination writers political correspondent Jim all apart is following the fight in Florida Donald Trump had a goodnight I'm super Tuesday but he didn't have a great night and that is given some hope to Ted Cruz and , that if they can just buy a little more time , they might be able to reverse course on this , Republican right through this feeling pretty good about himself he held the line in a calm state of Texas got a bunch of delegates in the process we cruise want this to be as a two man race between him and Tromp anyone Marco Rubio and John K. thick out of the race these three candidates are siphoning votes away from each other so no one is emerging as the top anti drug candidate which makes it all the more likely the truck is going to be the nominee , evening the panic in a GOP establishment trying to find a way anyway to block his seemingly unstoppable March even if that means throwing their support behind another anti establishment figure president about not being hurt by anything that I don't wish him ill making a joke about that but we may be in a position where I have to rally around Ted Cruz is the only way to stop Donald Trump so you when I'm not so sure that would work if that happened it would come with a hefty dose of irony unscrupulous played the anti Washington proper control ever since you're riding in the Senate , but no one is ruling it out time is quickly running out for a last ditch plan to cook up trump with less than two weeks before the winner take all primary in Ohio and Florida