FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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the legal showdown between apple in the FBI over the I don't understand Bernard you know killer could have unintended consequences tech insiders say they expect an accelerated effort by tech companies to build super safe owned that protect against government intrusion says Reuters reporter just men other companies might try to make %HESITATION their product unhappy , %HESITATION they may not be able to do it in many cases %HESITATION people go to apple's crazy apple doesn't think you can make a poem that he can't hack and not to give another person the encryption industry similar to what followed after the Edward Snowden revelation of wide scale data collection by the U. S. government in twenty thirteen there was posts no wooden %HESITATION a big boom in the %HESITATION Britney start up of smaller companies doing independent , if this court %HESITATION ruling gets upheld all the way then you're very likely to see a similar sort of effort for devices themselves Snowden's revelations not only that apple scrambling to make it harder to hack into its own product but a handful of companies have released here phones would name their kid black brown red gown or pre that trumpet security at the prime selling point and some companies like secure communications firm silent circle how already moved overseas to Switzerland away from you escort and Washington