FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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former First Lady Nancy Reagan wife of the late president Ronald Reagan died Sunday at her Los Angeles home at age ninety four , because the death congestive heart failure according to the Reagan library waiters political correspondent Meghan Cassella she was one of the most influential French lady certainly and she had her husband ear and she knew that she had and she would you know talk to ensure his closest ally in a political environment urine drug take away the dreams from every child's heart her defining moment the just say no to drugs campaign which she continued long after her time in the White House , and her devotion to the fortieth president through an assassination attempt and up until his death from Alzheimer's disease in two thousand four they have American love story that was very strong and very powerful and very public , and sometimes new scene you know first couple got people fair tenant for political reasons or something like that but I wasn't sure what the Reagan born and Francis robin to New York the woman known as Nancy grew up in Chicago before moving to Los Angeles to become an actor there she met then fellow actor Reagan , she waited nineteen fifty two had two children Patti and Ron junior and stick together through his two terms as both California governor and U. S. president in the nineteen eighty , her that comes on and you can time in the country when the Republican Party and they're divided so fractured rhetoric is so extreme parting of Lincoln and Reagan I'm writing a company invoked as someone who sort of the godfather the Republican Party who was a unifier every leader wanted are to be intimate interesting you know that she is now going to be remembered and and and talked about a lot this week when you know the Republican Party bank implement turmoil already critics ridiculed her for consulting astrologer to schedule presidential again encouraged somewhat lavish White House renovations , but supporters say she will get a lot of power from behind the throne dnmt everything we can with former White House chief of staff James Baker even stating quote if there was one person who was indispensable to Ronald Reagan's political success , it was Nancy Reagan