FIRST AIRED: July 20, 2016

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>> I'm Ginger Gibson, and I'm here at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Now that we know that a staffer was involved in inserting lines into Melania's speech, the next question is whether or not this campaign could put the controversy to bed? But there remains criticism that this is a problem for their organization.
The fact that a staffer didn't catch it, or that there wasn't enough infrastructure there to weed out these kind of problems, has Republicans concerned that the campaign has just not hit a level of professionalism, necessary to run an operation and be competitive against Hillary Clinton. The fact that it took two days to give an explanation is raising questions about trustworthiness.
Which was the truth, and when were they telling the correct series of events? This is exactly the type of argument they're trying to make about Hillary Clinton. It's muddling their message, taking away from the overall themes of the convention, and distracting the American public from what they want to see coming out of Cleveland.
The Trump campaign will be working to get back on track Wednesday night, when son Eric, takes the stage. He'll also be joined by Mike Pence, Trump's selection for vice president, who's expected to make the case that he now understands Donald Trump's heart, and compare him to Ronald Reagan.
But there could be another controversy in the making. Scheduled to speak is Texas Senator Ted Cruz, whose allies have said won't endorse Trump. Cruz was a stanched critic of Trump when running against him in the primary, calling him a pathological liar as he exited the campaign.>> He doesn't know the difference between truth and lies.
>> Whether or not Trump sees Cruz rallying the conservative support behind him or not, it could provide at least some distraction from the Melania controversy.