FIRST AIRED: July 29, 2016

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>> The FBI investigating a hack of another Democratic Party group. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Friday confirming the breach further heightening concerns that Russia is trying to mettle with the US elections. Reuters correspondent Joe Menn broke the story.>> The Congressional Campaign Committee as you might imagine from the name is in charge of coordinating help him support and money for candidates of the House of Representatives on the Democratic side.
And this particular breach involved the use of a dummy website. It was something that was just sort of a typographical error away from a real donation site. And so if you went from the DCC page to make a donation to Act Blue which is the official donations system.
You went instead to this other site. Now there is no evidence that any money changed hands but they could have taken all of these financial details. Could have taken donor names, credit card information, that sort of thing, we don't know. It would be valuable for ordinary criminals. This case it's believed to be Russian military intelligence.
It would be useful to them if they're trying to paint a portrait of the power players in Washington.>> Security experts have already said they have evidence Moscow was behind an earlier cyber attack on the party's national committee which resulted in the release of thousands of embarrassing emails just ahead of the Democrats' nominating convention in Philadelphia this week.
While Russia has denied any involvement, party leaders accuse the Kremlin of trying to bolster Republican nominee Donald Trump against rival Hillary Clinton.