FIRST AIRED: July 29, 2016

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donesia's firing squad back in action in the early hours of Friday, executing four people in the middle of a thunderstorm shortly after midnight. Three Nigerians and a local were put to death while the fate of 10 others is still in limbo. Convicted drug traffickers from countries, including India, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe are scheduled to be shot this weekend on Indonesia's infamous Execution Island.
The government ignoring international calls for clemency from families and diplomats alike, pushing ahead with what it calls a stepped up war on drugs. Reuters Kanupriya Kapoor says they won't find much resistance among Indonesians themselves.>> A lot of people are convinced that there is a drugs emergency in the country.
That a lot of people are falling victim to drug abuse, and they believe that the death penalty is a good deterrent for drug traffickers even though there's no real evidence to show that.>> Despite a lot of public support, police on Thursday had to break up a protest outside the island prison.
Activists calling for mercy for an Indonesian woman among those set to face the firing squad. The EU and UN are urging President Joko Widodo to stop killing criminals and abolish the death penalty, but their calls are falling on deaf ears.>> The fact is the executions were temporarily halted, for about a year.
They've started up again now. And that is only indicative of the fact that President Joko Widodo is, drugs are a top priority for him and he is unlikely to budge on using the death penalty for drug traffickers.>> 152 people are currently on death row in the country, among them convicted drug traffickers from as far abroad as the UK and France.
Officials plan to execute a total of 16 people this year, and more than double that in 2017.