FIRST AIRED: July 25, 2016

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>> The fourth act of violence to hit Germany in as many days. A 27-year-old Syrian man blowing himself up outside of a crowded music festival in Ansbach on Sunday night. 12 people were injured, 3 seriously. In a video, found on his mobile phone, the suicide bomber pledges allegiance, in Arabic, to a famous Islamic state leader.
The interior minister adding, this makes it clear it was a terrorist attack. The Syrian had enough material to build another bomb. And the Ansbach prosecutor revealing the man from Aleppo suffered from periods of depression and had previously tried to cut his wrists. Reuters Andrea Shalal is in Berlin.
>> The mood in Germany right now is very difficult. There have been four separate attacks over the course of one week. They're not all related, and they're not all necessarily a sign of sort of some growing Islamist threat. But they do all raise questions about Angela Merkel's open door refugee policy.
People's nerves are frayed. People are anxious and nervous. We've had an attack on a shopping center, an attack on a train. Now an attack on a music festival. Those are places that people have been going to, and want to continue going to. So everyone is very much on edge.
>> The Syrian man had been denied asylum in Germany a year ago and had twice tried to kill himself. It comes amid a string of attacks on German soil in the past week. Germany announcing on Monday it'll boost its police presence at airports and train stations. And carry out stop and search operations close to border areas.
Mama Merkel's welcoming stance towards migrants less popular than ever.