FIRST AIRED: July 26, 2016

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>> The 47th San Diego Comic-Con came to an end on Sunday and thousands of fans should by now have dropped their act and gone back to normal life. But behind all the superheroes, monsters, and whatever this is, the four day event proved it still throws the most important premieres in the industry.
With all the big studios, TV networks, and over 100,000 potential viewers, what better time to land big announcements, celebrity appearances, and jaw dropping movie trailers. This year included the highly anticipated trailer for Dr. Strange which saw Benedict Cumberbatch as the doctor bending reality and leaving fans screaming for more.
>> Yeah, it's great to meet some of them in person last night and utterly overwhelming to see 5,000 plus in the front of me screaming their heads off. I mean, it was amazing.>> The DC version of Marvel's Avengers, director Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck's Batman assembling the Justice League for the first time.
>> Stop right there, I'm in.>> And so much for freaks and geeks, supermodel Cara DeLevine made a surprise appearance at the convention for her new sci-fi tale Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.>> I mean I'm just doing what I'm doing, acting is always what I've loved, this is always what I wanted to do.
>> And even Riri, who's lately been out on a tour of her own, had a little TV cameo to announce her upcoming role in the series Bates Motel.>> Yes, hello Comic-Con, it's your girl Riri and let me tell you what a bad bitch is about to do.
I'm about to check into the Bates Motel very soon. Guess what else? Guess who's playing Marianne.>> And while Kara and Riri prepare to play secondary characters, we had a first glimpse of the biggest hero of all, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman stealing the show. Another strong female character Captain Marvel getting her film announced, Brie Larson delighted to play the part.
And if you think that's it for the diversity walks, think again. An all black cast for Black Panther and the new show just for Luke Cage, showing what Comic-Con is all about.