FIRST AIRED: July 26, 2016

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>> The attacks on police in Baton Rouge and Dallas and the mall shooting in Munich show difficult, almost impossible it is for authorities to track and stop assailants who have few ties if any to foreign terrorist organizations. National security corresponded Mark Hozenbalm,>> To a growing extent what disturbs counter terrorism officials and police officials and you know, law enforcement officials on both sides of the Atlantic, is the increasing involvement of mentally ill people in these kind of attacks that occurred in Orlando, in Dallas, in Baton Rouge.
The fact is, unless there is really serious evidence that you're involved with domestic terrorists the FBI can investigate you but unless they can actually get some proof of something they have to close their investigation by law.>> The 18 year old who killed 9 people in Germany had undergone psychiatric treatment before the attack.
He had no criminal record and no ties to extremist groups. The attackers in Dallas and Baton Rouge both had no ties to foreign terrorism. And the perpetrator in Orlando appears to have been inspired just before the attack by Jihadist groups but had no direct links, making it hard for authorities to track these killers down before they strike.
And with the attacker in Nice, who's believed to have plotted his assault over several months with help from five other people. Authorities still have not found any formal ties to terrorist groups.>>
]>> With these attacks on the rise, President Obama is under pressure to act. But an early effort to track domestic threats quickly died.
>> At one point the Homeland Security Department, I'm thinking about 2009, tried to conduct a survey of right wing groups and they were just completely dumped on by the Republicans in Congress for doing this. On the one hand there's pressure for the government not to do this stuff.
On the other hand people say that Obama hasn't done enough to do this stuff. So arguably Obama can't win here.>> Hozenbalm says American and British counter terrorism agencies simply don't have the manpower to track domestic extremists, their hands already full trying to identify citizens who travel and train with Islamic militants abroad.