FIRST AIRED: July 19, 2016

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>> It's got people around the world roaming the streets day and night. But one place Pokemon Go hasn't landed is the number one smartphone gaming market, China. It's not known when, or if, it will arrive out here. Especially with conspiracy theories swirling that the app could be used by the US and Japan to locate secret Chinese military bases.
But that hasn't hopeful Pokemon trainers from stepping around the problem.>> I'm Melissa King, Shanghai. Even though Pokemon Go is not available for download here, Chinese gamers can still play, sort of. Fans are finding under handed ways to catch them all with varying degrees of success. Shing Ja Chi, found a pirated version online.
It's slow and jumpy as she needs a VPN to access Google Maps, which is band in China. The result, the location on the app doesn't match where she actually is.>>
> I can imagine this game must be really fun in a country where it's officially released.
But in China, there's always problems. Sometimes I can't access my Google account, and the server crashes a lot. Plus, when you play the game with your VPN on, it drains your battery even faster.>> But there are other ways to get a more authentic experience. On the online market Taobao, you can buy an Australian Apple ID for around $2 allowing you to download the legit version of the game.
Even better, for $3 you can have someone to register all the accounts you need for you. Then of course, there's always the domestic copycats. City Apps Go is already in the top ten free apps in China's app store. A blatant repuff of the old name for Pokemon in Chinese.
Nintendo is applying for Pokemon Go's trademark in China. No word yet, on whether that signals a real release or just an effort to keep bootlegs from cashing in.