FIRST AIRED: July 19, 2016

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en Kim Jong-un's upset, check your radars, North Korea launching three ballistic missiles early Tuesday in clear defiance of UN sanctions. The US military says they were two Scud missiles and a domestic Rodong. Reuters' Tony Monroe explains there's little doubt this time why the Supreme Leader's angry.
>> North Korea is under intensifying global pressure and it is acting defiantly. It is very unhappy about the decision by the United States and South Korea to site a THAAD anti missile battery in South Korea. It said that it was going to make a physical response to the decision to base a THAAD battery in South Korea.
Today's launch of three missiles may well be that response or part of that response.>> Pyongyang has seen some mixed results when it comes to missile launches but these flew more than 300 miles out to sea without exploding in mid air.>> These launches were from North Korea's west coast.
The missiles flew over the country towards the east. This is a demonstration of real confidence and the capability of these missiles. They're not worried for example that they might crash onto North Korean territory.>> Giving Seoul more cause for concern, the distance the missiles traveled shows they could potentially have hit anywhere in South Korea.
The launch also raises the spectre of another nuclear weapons test on the horizon. Last week satellite imagery showed activity at a known North Korean nuclear test site, some experts saying people spotted at the facility may have been priming it for the country's fifth atomic blast.