FIRST AIRED: July 22, 2016

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>> After Ted Cruz shot a torpedo on the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign last night, here on Convention Floor in Cleveland, all eyes are on Donald Trump tonight. How is he gonna respond and how is he gonna push his campaign forward from this moment? I'm Jim Olefan, Political Correspondent for Reuters, here in Cleveland with my colleague, Ginger Gibson.
And Ginger, how much damage did Cruz do to Trump last night? Cruz derailed the messaging that was coming out of Cleveland last night, drawing boos from the crowd and undoing the argument from the Trump campaign that they've got unity. We saw from day one the Trump campaign saying Cleveland was about bringing the party together.
The theme for Thursday night is make American one again. And it has been derailed in part by Ted Cruz, who got up, refused to endorse him, and ended up having been booed off the stage as his wife was escorted out because of concerns about her safety. This is not the kind of setup that Donald Trump wanted for his big speech tonight, having to continue to answer whether or not this group can be united.
Does he have to do anything different?>> I think he needs to show that he's disciplined, that he's restrained, and that he can give a speech that explains his vision. From your perspective, what do you see as the most important message for him to get through in this address?
>> Well, what I'm looking for is something that suggests that Trump is trying to speak to voters beyond his base, beyond the people we've seen here in the arena. If he's gonna have any shot at the White House, he needs to start speaking to other Americans who may not be sold on him, but are also looking for an alternative to Hillary Clinton.
Can he start talking to centrists? Can he start talking to moderates? Can he start talking to disaffected Democrats? So tonight, in his speech, he has to start laying out a vision for governing. He has to paint himself as a responsible steward of the country, as someone you can trust in the White House, you can trust with the button, you can trust to take care of the economy, that he actually has a policy vision.
It's gonna have to be a completely different kind of Donald Trump speech, I think. There is no way you can get past the fact that this has not been a good week for Donald Trump. this has not been a good week for the Republican Party, as you noted.
The Melania plagiarism controversy completely overshadowed the beginning part of the convention. Ted Cruz dominated last night. No one is talking about Donald Trump and president in the same sentence. And he's got to change that conversation.>> Could he defy all of the pundits again this week? Have a chaotic convention and still get the tradition convention bump at the end of the day?
>> I think he will, mainly because one, that's tradition, two, he is a born performer, I expect him to do well tonight. I expect him to rise for the moment. He's gonna have a teleprompter, he's gonna try to stay on message, and I think he will deliver. Now the question is, where is his floor and where's his ceilings.
It's the stuff we've been talking about for a year. Like how far can Donald Trump go? Will he get a bounce? Will there be voters checking him out for the first time and saying, yeah, you know what, I like what I am hearing, I might be able to get on board the Trump Train.