FIRST AIRED: July 22, 2016

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> A secret North Korean nuclear site may have been found. US think tank, the Institute for Science and International Security, says it's located a facility that was likely used in the early days of North Korea's atomic program, playing a key role in enriching weapons grade uranium.
Reuters' Jack Kim says, this could confirm doubts about whether North Korea has disclosed all its nuclear bases.>> Well, if this facility is real, and it was a functioning uranium enrichment program, it means that what other countries have suspected is true, which is that North Korea has been working on a program to produce fuel for weapons.
In negotiations, it's important to include all potential nuclear facilities, so that North Korea is not able to get away with secret programs that have not been sighted previously.>> The small scale operation is believed to sit inside an aircraft part factory within a mountain. That matches reports in a Japanese newspaper from 16 years ago that described a similar undeclared facility, it’s not surprising it’s gone unnoticed since.
>> North Korea operates much of its nuclear programs underground or in tunnels that have been dug into mountains. For example, the main nuclear test site on the East Coast is dug into a mountain, and of course the January nuclear test came as a complete surprise to many government officials including the US and South Korea Intelligence Officials.
So it is very difficult to locate these sites and identify their purposes.>> North Korea has declared it has one uranium enrichment plant in its current nuclear base but denies having any others. It's not clear whether the possible plant is operational, but according to North Korean defectors, sources inside the country say there could be up to three plants up and running.