FIRST AIRED: August 5, 2016

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>> Donald Trump on friday unveiling his economic team. 13 team members, all men, short on actual economists and long on big money business titans, with one huge omission, Trump's billionaire buddy, Carl Icahn, who said he didn't want the job. Reuter's investments editor, Jennifer Ablan.>> Mr. Icahn and Donald Trump have a symbiotic relationship, they share similar views on trade, on China, on job creation.
The reason Carl Ichan is so important to the Donald Trump narrative is because Trump has floated Mr. Ichan's name for months to become his U.S. Treasury Secretary if he becomes President, so, this is a big deal.>> Icahn saying he's instead considering funding a super PAC focused on regulatory reform.
Other names on Trump's new team include hedge fund guru John Paulson, who made billions betting against subprime mortgages in 2007. And Harold Hamm, the fracking mogul known famously for sending his ex-wife a single check for $975 million to settle an ugly divorce. Others include, Steve Roth, like Trump, another New York based real estate executive.
Trump already getting heat for failing to name a single woman. And while he touted his list as comprised of economists, only one appears to fit the bill. As for Icahn, he may not be on this team, but that doesn't mean he's out.>> I know personally that they're very close.
Carl Icahn has tremendous access to Donald Trump, he will probably be a senior adviser, not just on economic issues but also probably on his campaign in general.>> Trump's announcement coming ahead of a speech on Monday in Detroit, in which he is expected to lay out his economic agenda.