FIRST AIRED: July 22, 2016

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>> A stunning display of disunity at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night with Ted Cruz at center stage. I'm Michelle Conlin from Reuters. This is my colleague Emily Stevenson who is right there. Tell us exactly what happened?>> Ted Cruz dropped a real bombshell on the Quicken Loans Arena.
He did not endorse Donald Trump. He congratulated him, but did not endorse him. And he in fact said, that voters who love their country, should vote their conscious up and down the ballot. What that meant was pretty clear to the people in that room. He meant, if you have to write somebody into the top of the ticket cuz you can't vote for Donald Trump, then you can do that.
Voter conscience was also a catch phrase of some of the people who opposed Donald Trump and Never Trump people. They wanted to be able to vote for whoever they wanted in the nominating process. It's really shows the discord in the party, people were booing Ted Cruz, people were mad at the people who booed Ted Cruz.
Delegates are at each other's throats, and this just really shows that this is not a united party.>> Not united inside the convention, and certainly not united outside the convention at the parties, and the private cocktail parties, and the dinners. I mean, over and over again you hear a lot of anguishing conversations.
It was supposed to be a family reunion this week and it’s a family war. So in a traditional political convention season, would you say this is a bad week? We’ve had two days of Melania plagiarism allegations it’s gonna be all Cruz vs Trump tomorrow, jeez that’s bad. I actually think there had been a design behind this whole thing that perhaps maybe some, some factions of the Trump camp some of us maybe wanted this kind of thing.
Every time there is this type of high drama. The commentary says it is gonna be really bad, and hurt the campaign, but it actually helps Trump at the polls. Trump was gloating about the moment on Twitter he said, wow, Ted Cruz got booed off the stage he said he saw the speech two hours before hand but didn’t think it was a big deal, let Cruz speak anyway.
>> Now, we have set the stage perfectly for Trump to kind of emerge tomorrow night and put it all perfectly back together somehow, the hero to mop up this big mess.>> Each and every one of you