FIRST AIRED: July 23, 2016

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>> More details are emerging about the teen responsible for the shooting rampage in Munich. Police painting a picture of a youth obsessed with mass killings who acted alone, all but ruling out any connection to Islamic State.>> We've found no indication of link to Isis. What we have found is articles about police deployments in killing sprees, including a book entitled, Why Kids Kill Inside The Minds of School Shooters.
> German media naming the 18-year-old as Ali David Sonboly, a German-Iranian born and raised locally. Officials say he appears to have been suffering psychological troubles and had spent time in psychiatric care.
e shooter opened fire at a busy shopping mall on Friday evening, killing at least nine people and wounding 27.
He's believed to have then shot himself in the head. Authorities say the gunman may have been inspired by mass murderer Anders Breivik.>> Because of the fact that yesterday was the fifth anniversary of those attacked and the fact that the perpetrator was very interested in killing rampages. I think we can assume that he was also interested in the case of Breivik.
>> Seven of the victims were themselves teenagers. Police say the gunman may have lured them to their deaths by a hacked Facebook account which promised free meals at McDonald's. Questions still remain about how the attacker obtained a pistol in a country with stringent gun control.