FIRST AIRED: July 20, 2016

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>> The ayes have it.>> The never Trump contingent drowned out by the Donald's legion of loyal supporters at the Republican National Convention. Among the most ardent of them this guy, Michael Barnett, the chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party. And this is his super bowl.>> It doesn't get better than this.
>> Barnett is here in Cleveland as a Florida at large delegate. To vote in Donald Trump as the party's nominee and he's quick to dispel the notion that Trump is a racist.>> Now look at my African American over here.>> Before Donald Trump ran for president I don't think you could find anyone who would ever claim that he has a racist bone in his body.
The idea's just ridiculous. Donald Trump has brought me into this mix, as a member of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.>> Barnett is a lifelong member of the Grand Old Party, and characterizes himself as an anti-establishment Republican. He also believes that the Black Lives Matter movement, and its leaders, have sometimes incited violence against police.
And that many Black Americans, including in his community, are looking for a strong law and order type of leader.>> I'm supporting Donald Trump because he's a very good friend of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County. He's our hometown guy. He lives in Palm Beach. We've gotten to know him over the last couple of years.
But, more importantly, he's gonna be great for our country. And look at who's supporting him. His national spokeswoman, is a black woman. Which Thumper Trump Women. Diamond and Silk. They're black women.>> Donald J Trump.>> Donald Trump.>> There are black delegates in here I've been socializing with for the last couple of hours, inside the arena.
All supporting Trump. I think we're seeing the beginning of unity among a lot of blacks coalescing to support Donald Trump. I'm one of the 60 advisors from around the country representing Black Americans. There are Muslim-Americans for Trump, Jewish-Americans for Trump, Latino-Americans for Trump. The whole country is changing.
We saw that in 2012. The Republican Party can no longer continue to rely on our shrinking white male base. The Southern strategy isn't working anymore. Donald Trump recognizes that in order to win, we have to grow our party and we have to welcome everybody in, and that's what he's done.
>> But Barnett and Trump have a lot of hearts and minds to change. According to a Reuters poll of likely general election voters, only 4.5% of Black respondents said they'd cast their ballots for Trump.>> Fire it up, ready to go.