FIRST AIRED: July 18, 2016

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>> The Never Trump Movement creates chaos on the floor of the Republican National Convention. I'm Steve Holland in Cleveland where on day one we're seeing the first signs that the National Convention is not going to be as trouble free as the the Trump campaign had hoped for. Some of the delegates opposed to Trump attempted to have a floor vote that would allow them to unbind and be able to vote, have a vote of conscience, possibly nominate someone else.
Now, the pro Trump forces refused this. They suddenly called for a voice vote, and they declared that the ayes had more votes than the nays. This triggered pandemonium on the floor with delegates demanding a roll call. They were chanting have a roll call vote, have a roll call vote, and we just saw that the Colorado delegation abruptly walked out.
The leader of one of the Never Trump Movement forces is from Colorado, so this is why the Colorado delegation walked out. But we all saw some active participation in this movement by Ken Cuccinelli a former Attorney General of the State of Virginia who's also part of the Never Trump movement.
And we also saw that Utah Senator Mike Lee was involved and walked out in frustration. So, the Trump campaign is not allowing this, this vote of dissent. We're only at Day 1 of this convention, and, we still have three days until Trump is formally nominated. So, there's plenty of time for more mayhem to take place.