FIRST AIRED: July 20, 2016

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>> After the deadly attacks in Dallas, and now Baton Rouge, police want the laws that allow for the open carry of weapons suspended in Cleveland until the Republican National Convention is over. But that's something the governor says he has no power to do. As open carry laws are increasingly pitting law enforcement nationwide against pro-gun activists and states that support them.
Julia Hart is on the story.>> In a lot of states there is a tension between the state legislatures that have passed laws allowing open carry and the big cities in those states where law enforcement leaders, as well as mayors, other administrators say it's just not safe. Surveys of top law enforcement leaders found about three-quarters opposed open carry.
>> Cops in Wisconsin have been trying to restrict open carry for years without luck. And in Florida, law enforcement has been fighting efforts to pass new measures that would allow for the open carry of weapons. And according to a 2015 survey of police chiefs in Texas, more than half opposed open carry, but that didn't stop the state from passing a law permitting firearm owners with a concealed carry license to openly carry handguns.
Law enforcement said it made it more difficult for cops during the Dallas shooting two weeks ago.>> Dallas Police Chief said that open carry actually challenges officers in situations where they're trying to identify and stop shooters. So, in Dallas for instance, you saw one other open carrier who was detained because they thought mistakenly that he was in league with the shooter or had been shooting himself.
And he was later released, but in the meantime officers had to expend resources identifying and detaining that man.>> But open carry advocates say they just want to exercise their Constitutional right. And so far in Cleveland, while protests are under way, open carry weapons have not been spotted much.
Reports however lit up that shot were fired at a police transport vehicle, but was later confirmed by law enforcement that did not happen.