FIRST AIRED: August 1, 2016

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>> In a vote that could reshape the country, South Africa is holding local elections on Wednesday with far reaching consequences. The ruling African National Congress could lose in key areas they've held unchallenged since the end of Apartheid. Reuter's correspondent Joe Brock is in Nelson Mandela Bay, an area that could start to see change.
>> This is an extremely significant election, not just because of the potential for the ANC to lose power in big cities, but also the internal power dynamics within the ruling party and going ahead for the general elections in 2019. So should they lose power in Johannesburg or in Nelson Mandela Bay, it would be, what could be the beginning of the end for the ANC controlling the entire country.
>> The ANC rose to power as white minority rule collapsed, from Nelson Mandela to present day Jacob Zuma, its leaders have been associated with liberation but that could be changing. A quarter of South Africa's potential work force are currently unemployed, the jobless rate among black people, far worse.
>> I think President Jacob Zuma's corruption scandals have angered many South Africans, particularly in large cities where there's better access to education and the private media. So that's done a lot of damage to the ANC but it's also a steady decline in standards of public service delivery and in terms of the living standards the people expected at the end of Apartheid just haven't been delivered on.
>> And their support could go to the main opposition, the Democratic Alliance. Traditionally seen as protecting white interests, is courting black voters and campaigning the ANC's symbolic heartland, Nelson Mandala Bay. A scout that could help usher in a new era.