FIRST AIRED: August 1, 2016

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>> Way back here, the cherry picker has been up there.>> The NTSB on Monday piecing together evidence from Saturday's hot air balloon crash that killed 16 people near Austin, Texas.>> We look at three things. We look at the human, the machine, and the environment. We're looking at the operation of the balloon, the pilot.
The company that operated the balloon. We'll looking at the maintenance aspects of this balloon.>> Pilot Skip Nichols and all 15 passengers losing their lives in the fiery crash after the balloon appeared to hit power lines. Reports their bodies were so badly burned, dental records will be used for identification.
Nichols' company, Heart of Texas Hot Air Balloon Rides mourning their deaths on Facebook, saying it has suspended operations. Among investigators questions Why the balloon took off 20 minutes later than scheduled. The crash occurring Saturday morning about eight miles from where the balloon launched. 14 electronic devices have been retrieved from the crash site including cellphones and iPad and three cameras.
>> We're told the cameras appeared to be completely destroyed. However we will send all of these electronic devices back to the NTSB's lab in Washington DC. I'm hoping that we'll be able to get some information from some of those devices. Authorities not yet releasing names of others killed in the crash but friends and family of Paige Brabson and her mother Lorilee saying the two were among those killed in what is the deadliest ever balloon crash in the US.