FIRST AIRED: July 21, 2016

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>> Elon Musk's master plan part deux coming late Wednesday, an hour later than promised, not soon enough as Tesla's rough summer wears on. Musk doubling down on his insistence that chronic cash burners Tesla and SolarCity, both of which he founded should combine calling their current separation an accident of history.
Musk's plan sketches out his vision of an energy giant for a carbon free life with a goal of expanding into electric trucks and public buses. And even a move to put Tesla vehicles to work while their owners aren't using them with a ride hailing app. Reuters tech editor Jonathan Weber.
>> Generally this was not a document that was long on detail. Hal about how he's going to accomplish this stuff. This was very long on vision. Their execution so far, you can look at two ways. I mean, on the one hand, they've done what they've done, they've got these cars out there, people like them.
That's a pretty spectacular achievement. On the other hand, there's a lot of doubt. You could say, well, that's all very nice, but meanwhile, get your next car out and then we'll talk.>> No specific mention was made of May's fatal crash of a Model S on autopilot mode, an incident that's prompted a federal investigation.
Musk flatly refusing to disable autopilot, emphasizing that it's safer than a human driver when operated correctly. And calling a delay of its partial autonomy technology, for fear of bad press or lawsuits, morally reprehensible.