FIRST AIRED: July 22, 2016

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>> Those opposed shall say no.>> No.>> Many members of the Never Trump movement at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland now having to make the painful shift to backing Trump. Michigan delegate, Wendy Day who supported Ted Cruz is one of them.>> It has been a tough week.
Sometimes you go to conventions. This is my first convention. I thought it's be really fun. And there's parts of it that have been fun but it's been really hard. And it's just been really hard.>> On the first day of the convention, Day joined what turned out to be a failed attempt to hold a roll call vote in opposition to Trump.
By the second day, she had resigned herself to the fact that Trump's the nominee.>> I haven't been willing to come out openly to endorse Donald Trump. And at the end of the day, it's water in the bridge at this point because he is the nominee. And frankly, I would support a paper cup over Hillary Clinton.
So all those reasons not to support Trump or to try to figure out and rationalize that, they're a moot point now.>> Day was also conspicuously absent from the roll call of the states to nominate Trump. Tied up in a conflicting thank you event for supporters of the Cruz campaign.
>> I'm sure I'm gonna get questions when I get back in there about why I wasn't there for the nominating process and hanging out with Senator Cruz instead. But actually, it's because he's so popular.
Ted Cruz not so popular Wednesday night during his speech. A speech that at one point had Day in tears.
But the tears quickly turned to frustration over a suspiciously glitchy jumbotron.>> Have you seen technical problems any other time during the convention?>> No.>> And the boos and jeers hurled at Cruz after telling Republicans to vote their conscience.>> Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust.
>> I heard a rumor that people might try to boo Senator Cruz and so it was disappointing. I wouldn't come down here on the floor and shout if I had another candidate that wasn't my first choice. I would not have come onto the floor and been disrespectful to that person.
But it's their prerogative.>> Day says she plans to attend Donald Trump's speech on Thursday night.>> Each and every one of you and God bless the United States of America.>>