FIRST AIRED: July 20, 2016

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>> The next Vice-President of the United States, Governor, Mike Pence. Thank you, thank you everybody, thank you.>> Donald Trump and Mike Pence have tied the knot. I'm Zach Goldman for Reuters outside the Hilton Hotel in midtown Manhattan where Donald Trump has officially announced the Indiana governor will be his running mate heading into November.
>> Mike Pence was my first choice.>> First choice, but clearly second fiddle. For most of the 25 minutes Trump was on stage, Trump talked about Trump. When he eventually got around to saying why he'd chosen Pence, Trump was clear.>> And one of the reasons is party unity, I have to be honest.
So many people have said Party unity.>> Remember, Pence endorsed Ted Cruz in the primary. Trump brushed over this.>> It was the single greatest non-endorsement I've ever had in my life, okay? I wrote that.>> Trump's choice, Saturday, pressuring the last remnants of the so called, Never Trump Movement, to surrender to the presumptive nominee ahead of the Republican Convention next week.
While Trump called Pence, the man of honor, character and honesty.>> He spent precious little time talking about him personally. Most of the praise Trump lavished on Pence came in the form of a long list of stats he read off a fact sheet about the State of Indiana.
>> Their unemployment rate has fallen. Private sector job growth is up. Indiana was recently recognized by Chief Executive Magazine, as the number one state in the Midwest for business, number one.>> In recent races, Republican candidates have looked to vice presidential candidates to bring some energy to the campaign.
You had John McCain picking Sarah Palin, hoping she would juice up his fight with Barack Obama in the general election. You had Mitt Romney seen as a not so exciting milquetoast candidate picking Paul Ryan as his running mate, hoping he would bring along the energy of the tea party base.
But with Donald Trump, he doesn't need any help whipping up voters. It almost looks like he's picking a boring, thoughtful candidate to hopefully bring along parts of his party that might be a little bit put off by the populism and want some reassurances that the whole things isn't going to fall apart.