FIRST AIRED: July 28, 2016

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Barack Obama leaving no easy task for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic convention. His rousing, emotional speech still resonating in the ears of Democrats everywhere as she prepares to take over the mantle of party leader. Reuters' campaign reporter John Whitesides.>> She would admit herself, she's not a natural politician.
She doesn't have the skills of her husband or of the President. So this may not be the best venue for a huge stage, reading off a teleprompter, coming after Obama's speech last night. He obviously really killed it, and she's gonna have a high bar to meet to live up to his speech.
>> Clinton holed up all day Thursday, still working on a speech that promises to be wide-ranging.>> She's had a few goals in this convention. One that we saw a lot in the first couple nights is sort of projecting a more trustworthy and genuine side. Tonight, she's gonna be maybe doing a little bit of that but going far beyond and sort of projecting herself, trying to get people to imagine her is commander-in-chief, trying to get people to imagine her as President and feel comfortable with that idea.
>> As the first woman nominee of a major party, capping a decades long journey from lawyer to First Lady, senator, Secretary of State, and presidential candidate, this is Clinton's chance to finally make her indelible mark on history. So it's a moment she needs to get just right.>>