FIRST AIRED: July 29, 2016

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>> Does anybody believe that Donald Trump's been paying his fair share of taxes?>>
Hillary Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine, tearing into Trump on taxes.>> Trump ought to release his tax returns just like every other Presidential candidate.>> Democrats seeing blood in the water as the Republican nominee refuses to release any of his returns.
Reporter Emily Stephenson says it's an issue Democrats now plan to hit relentlessly, just as Republicans have hounded Clinton on her emails.>> This is sort of the Democrats' version of Trump's argument about Hillary Clinton's emails. He says, if there was nothing in those emails that you were worried about, why would you not just release them?
Democrats can say, if there's nothing in your tax returns that you're worried about, why don't you just release them? Trump's critics say that there must be something in those tax returns that he doesn't want people to see before the election. Either he's not worth as much as he says he's worth or some other thing.
And this is kind of a gift that keeps on giving. They can keep talking about this tax return issue up until the election if he doesn't release them before that.>> This week's uproar over the release of Democratic Party emails giving Democrats another opening.>> So this is an example of how Trump's critics and Democrats can use the tax returns issue against Trump in almost any situation.
US officials have said there is evidence that Russia was behind the hack of the DNC emails and subsequent release of those emails that have been kind of embarrassing for the party. So they're saying, you haven't released your tax returns, maybe you have some sort of financial ties to Russia that we don't know about, and that's why they're trying to help you.
>> Like nearly every White House candidate in modern history, Hillary Clinton has already made her returns public, dating back to the 1970s, ramping up the pressure on Trump. But Trump's top aid, Paul Manafort doubling down on Wednesday, saying Trump can't release them because he's being audited. An explanation critics question.
>> We've heard from other people that there's nothing stopping you from releasing your tax returns if they're under audit, the IRS certainly isn't stopping you from doing that.>> Clinton getting some backup from 2012 Republican nominee and Trump critic, Mitt Romney, who calls Trump's refusal to release his returns disqualifying.
>> He was actually very nice to me.