FIRST AIRED: July 26, 2016

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>> I serve->> Bernie Sanders' speech at the Democratic National Convention Monday night was, for many, a eulogy of an inspiring campaign. And while the Vermont Senator has called for his supporters to back Hillary Clinton, many of his 1,900 delegates are forging their own path. Washington delegate Zach Patton, a fourth generation waterfront worker and longshoreman says Sanders was a great catalyst but the revolution can go on without him.
>> The point isn't about Bernie Sanders being president, it's about what his politics are, which is our politics, these are our values, our missions, it's what we're fighting for. And then he came and he spoke to that, so even if he's done, it doesn't mean that we're done.
>> Bernie! Bernie!>> That was certainly palpable on the floor of the DNC in Philadelphia Monday as crowds repeatedly broke into Bernie chants and shouted down speakers and of course, booed.>>
Some like Joey Asterbam and Christina O'Campo from California aren't giving up on the ultimate goal, a Sanders' White House, despite the fact that their candidate conceded.
>> Though Bernie says that, that's not something that we say. We're still fighting for him to be the nominee.>> It truly scares me. I think we do need to defeat Trump, but I don't think the Democratic Party is pushing the strongest candidate to beat Trump.>> If we nominate Hillary, we're caring more about the party than we are about the world and the people.
>> But others, though spirited, see themselves as pragmatic or perhaps cynical.>> I would say most of my delegation has been pretty tired, honestly. This is a big TV event. That's all it really is. This isn't like an actual convention.>> He added that Clinton can still win his vote but she'll have to earn it.