FIRST AIRED: July 20, 2016

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>> Two, three, four.>> Demonstrators filling the streets in parts of downtown Cleveland Tuesday. Others in Muslim garb toting semi automatic guns, as protests at the Republican National Convention grow more tense and unpredictable. Reuters reporter Dan Trotta.>> Tuesday has seen the most intense activity to date here in Cleveland's Public Square, where a number of protest, counter-protest, and intense police activity filled the day.
>> The two men in Muslim attire, not really Muslims, but taking advantage of Ohio's open carry laws to make a statement of defiance against Donald Trump and his vow to exclude members of the faith from entering the US.>> They're not gonna let them get away with that sort of thing without bullying the bully back
>> As the protests grow more intense, so has the police response.>> With the intense activity, we did start to see some more heavily armed police in tactical gear with their rifles, patrolling the streets. At the most intense part of the day, police started forming a human barrier inside out from the middle of the square, pushing people out.
And they formed four interior walls within the square keeping everybody out. It seemed to be a very effective technique in dissipating the tensions within the crowd. When things seemed under control, that's when they decided to let people back in the square. No sooner did that happen, then a group of men with bandanas and helmets marched into the square and confronted this group of conservative Christians, who have been skirmishing with different groups throughout the past couple of days.
Once again, tensions racheted up and police escorted the men in bandanas and helmets out of the square. And thus became a game of cat and mouse throughout the streets of central Cleveland.>> But Tuesday could be just a taste of what's to come as groups plan a massive anti-Trump rally time to his victory speech on Thursday.
>> We're gonna rise up.