FIRST AIRED: July 25, 2016

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The democratic national convention in Philadelphia opening Monday in disarray. Democratic party Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz promising to resign by the end of the week amid a furor after linked emails embarrassed the DNC on the eve of its nominating convention. The emails showed DNC staff disparaging the primary campaign of Bernie Sanders and suggest the party apparatus favored Clinton throughout the contest.
The scandal inflaming outrage of Bernie Sanders supporters who demonstrated in Philadelphia Streets Sunday. It's unclear what the reaction will be among Sanders delegates inside the convention Monday. Reuters political correspondent Jonathan Allen.>> There are some Bernie Sanders supporters who, I think, just the resignation at the end of the week of Wasserman Schultz is not enough.
How many of his 1900 or so delegates think this way is unclear, but it does seem as if at least some delegates are gonna be instead of making a noise about this.>> Sanders resisted calls from his supporters to retract his endorsement of Clinton.>> Sanders is done.
He must think he's done well for himself since coming in second. A lot of what he wanted to see in the platform is in the platform. Not everything, but a lot. He's long wanted Wasserman Schultz to leave.>> Bernie Sanders will be the headline speaker at the DNC Monday.
He's expected to call for party unity, a message some of his supporters don't wanna hear.