FIRST AIRED: August 3, 2016

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>> As heads roll at the Democratic National Committee over the recent cyber attack, Reuters has learned the FBI reached out to the DNC about the issue months before the disastrous WikiLeaks dump of thousands of embarrassing emails just ahead of the Democratic Convention. But Mark Hosenball says the problem was FBI and DNC officials couldn't agree on what to do about it.
>> The problem was going on and the hacking was going on, and it took them a real long time to figure out the extent and the nature of the problem. The FBI originally got in touch with the DNC about a cyber security issue sometime last fall, before last December.
And there was talk, in which they were kind of talking past each other, and the FBI wouldn't say really what the problem was. And because the FBI wouldn't say what the problem was, the DNC wasn't sure that they had a problem.>> Officials and private cyber experts have pointed the finger at Russia for the hack and for turning over emails to Wikileaks.
>> The DNC didn't really recognize that there was a possible serious hacking attempt, and certainly didn't recognize that there was a possible Russian involvement until three or four months and maybe a bit longer after the FBI first approached them. And the FBI absolutely said nothing to them about possible Russian involvement.
>> The result, the hacking presumably went on longer than it might have if the FBI and DNC had been able to cooperate from the start.>> The Democratic National Committee doesn't know how long the hackers were inside its servers and doesn't know the extent to which stuff is actually downloaded, so it could be just masses of stuff out there.
>> The email dumps seem to show DNC officials favoring Hillary Clinton over former rival Bernie Sanders, leading to the resignation of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz just before the convention. On Tuesday, four more top officials resigned, and that might not be the end of the turmoil with WikiLeaks saying it has more material where that came from.
>> By the Independence-