FIRST AIRED: August 3, 2016

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>> A vote that could reshape the country, as South Africans head to the polls on Wednesday, the nation braces for its fifth local elections since the end of Apartheid. But with unemployment at 27% and the threat of a recession looming, the outcome will be seen as a referendum on the ruling ANC And president Zuma's scandal plagued leadership.
>> The ANC is only an obstacle.>> This is Mr. Zuma's main adversary. The Democratic Alliance, hoping to take key cities in Wednesday's poll. The economic hub of Johannesburg, the capital Pretoria, and the iconic Nelson Mandela Bay, could all fall to the opposition, according to recent polls.>>
>> The ANC has been virtually unchallenged for 22 years. Seven years with Jacob Zuma at the helm. Last month the country's treasury recommended Mr Zuma payback nearly 400,000 pounds to the government for upgrades made to his private home. On top of the $23 million he already owes the taxpayer for its first remodeling.
These include an amphitheater, a pool, a chicken run, and a cattle enclosure. Reuters Joe Brock is in Nelson Mandela Bay.>> I think president Jacob Zuma's corruption scandals have angered many South Africans, particularly in large cities where there's better access to education and private media. So that's done a lot of damage to the ANC.
But it's also a steady decline in standards of public service delivery and in terms of the living standards that people expected at the end of Apartheid just haven't been delivered on.>> But the ANC is still the party of Nelson Mandela and his Anti-Apartheid struggle and is sure to capitalize on improvements made since.
>> That we are ready for the elections.