FIRST AIRED: August 2, 2016

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>> A US military veteran, supporting Donald Trump, gave the Republican nominee a Purple Heart, Tuesday.>> I always wanted to get the Purple Heart.>>
This was much easier. But I tell, it was such an honor.>>
>> The Medal of Honor is awarded to service members wounded in combat.
Donald Trump has never set foot on a battlefield. His military records, or lack thereof, in focus following his ongoing war of words with a family of a Muslim soldier killed in action. Trump received five deferments from the military draft during the Vietnam War. Four of them four education and one for medical reasons.
He was eligible for the draft after graduating from college in 1968 but was exempt after a doctor diagnosed him with bone spurs in his heels. Despite the condition, Trump was physically active in school, playing squash, football, and tennis. Now those feet have led to what appear to be a few missteps when it comes to recalling his medical history.
In an interview with the New York Times last month Trump said his bone spurs had been, quote, temporary, a, quote, minor malady that had no meaningful impact. He told the Times he did receive a doctor's letter helping exempt him from the draft but could not remember the doctor's name.
And in a news conference last year, Trump could not recall which heel had been involved prompting his campaign to release a statement saying it was both. Military deferments have not been uncommon for politicians. George George W Bush served stateside in the National Guard during Vietnam, and Joe Biden also received several deferments.
But Trump's exemptions are drawing renewed criticism after the parents of Humayun Khan, a US soldier killed in Iraq publicly questioned whether the Republican candidate had ever sacrificed anything for his country. Trump lashing back and starting an all out world of words with the couple, drawing sharp rebukes from many in his own party.