FIRST AIRED: July 27, 2016

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>> I proudly place Hillary Clinton's name in nomination to be the next president.>> From First Lady to first woman nominated for president by a major US political party. The woman who served on the Watergate commission that brought down one>> One President who spent eight years in the White House, will now have the first chance of being the first woman to lead the United States.
Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton just made history. I'm Zach Goldman for Reuters, inside the DNC, where there was some concern that the state of California, that Bernie Sanders delegates right there might try to upset the issue. There are a huge number of delegatesfrom that state.>> Hillary Clinton, the next president of the United States, 330 votes!
>> But the state was called. The state voted. They moved on. Hillary Clinton will continue to be the nominee unimpeded here.>> Like most moments throughout Clinton's political life. This one was not without drama. Former rival Bernie Sanders entered the room when his name was entered into nomination, stirring a roar of support from his delegates and the crowd.
This was the final moment for the Sanders' movement. Many supporters said even after he conceded that nothing was over until the votes were counted. But in a show of party unity, Bernie Sanders personally called for the party to pick Clinton as its presidential nominee.>> That Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee of the Democratic party.
>> Clinton will lead her party into the general election in November. Whether the party will unite behind her is another question.