FIRST AIRED: July 27, 2016

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>> We want Bernie!>> After a chaotic first day here at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, party leaders are hoping to put the focus back on Hillary Clinton as this convention goes forward. I'm Jim Oliphant, political correspondent for Reuters and tonight it will be up to Hillary Clinton's husband, the former President, Bill Clinton, to outline why his wife has an edge in this election.
And more importantly, humanize her. Not so much for the people here in the arena but for all the folks watching at home.>> Hillary Clinton must become the next president.>> While there's a feeling right now that maybe, hopefully, at least as far as party leaders are concerned that Monday is as bad as it's going to get for the Democrats here.
It was a day that sort of allowed Bernie Sanders' supporters to vent, get out their rage. Not only outside this convention arena, but inside. Still, there are concerns here among party leaders the standard voters are going to continue to be disruptive. To that end, reports have the Clinton campaign and the Sanders campaign in talks to give Sanders some kind of a role in the role call vote tonight where Clinton will be officially nominated.
Again, they're trying to show some vestige of party unity and send the message that the time for internal divisions is over. So Bill Clinton's gonna have a very interesting trick to pull off here on the convention floor tonight. He's gonna be basically outlining Hillary Clinton's biography. Now that is the traditional role for the spouse of a presidential nominee, but there's never been a spouse quite like Bill Clinton.
He's not the man he used to be, obviously. He's not in the prime shape of his life. We are not gonna get vintage 1996 Bill Clinton. At the same time his speech four years ago the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina brought the house down. So he's is still a very gifted order, now his challenge is going to be his is gonna be addressing a party that has shifted left, since he occupied the White House, in many issues, including a criminal justice and free trade.
And so he's not quite the standard bearer of this party. They're hungry now, for champions like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and he is a vestige of another time. At the same time he is the statesman of the party. And I'm sure his words are gonna have a tremendous effect.