FIRST AIRED: August 3, 2016

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>> A hot herbal bath coupled with prayers, not your traditional drug rehab technique but for many addicts in Indonesia, it's the only hope of kicking the habit. President Joko Widodo's fighting an open war on drugs, tripling the country's anti-narcotics war chest but rehabilitation budgets have gone down the drain.
Jakarta correspondent Kanupriya Kapoor has the facts.>> There are only about 18 rehabilitation centers that are fully government funded, 18 throughout the country and the government estimates there are about six million drug users. The Social Affairs Ministry, they told us that they get about $6.6 million a year to reach out to about 15,000 drug users in the country.
Because of budget cuts, they're only going to be able to reach about 9,000 people a year. So clearly, it's having an impact on how much the government can help the very people it wants to help with its war on drugs.>> The UN says meth is the drug of choice for 1 in 6 Indonesian users and less than 1% of those dependent on drugs got treatment in 2014 compared to a world average of 16%.
>> The war on drugs has meant netting more traffickers and seizing more drugs but at the same time, that has also meant small time dealers or users caught with small quantities of drugs being incarcerated, being jailed. A lot of critics say that your jails are overflowing, there's drug use within prisons that's happening and yet the country just wants to build more prisons.
Instead, they should be building more rehab facilities.>> Last weekend, four people were killed in highly publicized executions of drug offenders, many of them foreign. While for many, hot baths and prayers are all they've got to turn their lives around.