FIRST AIRED: July 18, 2016

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> Official after official pulled into court in the Turkish capital as the government purges the so-called virus that caused Friday's bloody attempted coup. Some 8,000 police officers and over 6,000 soldiers removed from their posts. Judges, prosecutors, and the civil service also targeted. Their fate uncertain, but president Tayyip Erdoğan telling crowds on Sunday he will listen to calls to bring back the death penalty.
Reuters correspondent Dasha Afanasieva is in Ankara.>> The thousands that have been detained are set to face trial. And it's not really clear how long this will take, because the police were already overburdened. And even more so because of previous purges of the judiciary and of the prosecution.
>> Erdoğan blames the coup on a secret network loyal to cleric Fethullah Gulen, who lives in the US. Ankara demands Washington hand him over. Gulen denies involvement.>>
More than 200 people died as soldiers commandeered tanks, helicopters, and fighter jets as they tried to seize power.
Erdoğan's own plane caught in the sights of two rebel pilots while he was returning to Istanbul from holiday.>> I have no idea at this stage why they didn't fire. One theory could be that they wanted Erdogan alive and they wanted him to face trial and decide what to do this way.
That's what's happened at coups in the past and including when President Adnan Menderes got deposed and he had to face trial and was hanged as a consequence. This is someone Erdoğan has commonly mentioned in his speeches, that as a woman the men can say this is what they want to do to me.
A fear that almost came real, and now helping him strengthen his grip on power.