FIRST AIRED: August 5, 2016

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>> The next target in Turkey's post-coup crack down, business. The country's president, Tayyip Erdogan, has vowed to choke off firms he says financed the shooters. Ankara has already taken severe steps to rid Turkey of links to US based cleric, Fethullah Gulen. Reuters Turkey Bureau Chief, Nick Tattersall says businesses can expect to be hit hard.
>> We'd already seen some moves against Gulen linked companies before the coup plots, before the events of July the 15th, including the seizure of an Islamic lender linked to the cleric. Several media companies linked to the Gulen movement taken over and several business executives detained. What he's now saying is that those purges will continue and that they will intensify.
>> The 75-year-old cleric denies any involvement in the events of July 15th. But over 60,000 people with alleged links to him have already been sacked, detained, or investigated. The Turkish state, turning its eye to the military, judiciary, civil service, and education, with concern being raised about what might be the end game.
>> There's some speculation in local media that there could be a split in the intelligence agency, that a domestic intelligence agency could be created alongside a foreign intelligence agency. What is likely to be clear though is that the president is trying to bring the security operators, including the intelligence agency, under tighter government control and under his overview.
> The crackdown has the international community worried that Erdogan is using it as an excuse to consolidate power. Austria's chancellor adding his voice to those concerned Wednesday, suggesting an end to talks over Turkey joining the EU. But in reality, their hands might be tied. After signing a deal earlier this year, the Bloc still needs Turkey to help stem migrants coming to Europe.