FIRST AIRED: July 26, 2016

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>> A brutal shoot out with militants in Bangladesh on Tuesday. Official say nine insurgents are dead after a raid on a warehouse outside the capital Dhaka. It's believe they are plotting a major attack. Police say when they entered the suspect shouted Allahu Akbar and open fire. Earlier this month, militants killed 22 people in a Dhakar cafe, and as Reuters' Sanjeev Miglani explains it looks like the plotters were linked.
>> The initial word is that the national police chief says that they believe it's the same group that they blame for the attack on the cafe. And that group is called the Jimanto Mijahi Deen. It's a domestic group, which swears allegiance, actually, to the Islamic state. I've been to Du Kaka quite frequently.
And, firing and the gun battles in Dhaka are not yet common. It's a bit unusual on the scale of things now as they are unfolding in that country.>> Islamic state claimed the cafe attack in a series of other killings in Bangladesh over the past year. Until recently officials denied that ISIS cells even exist in the country but now their stance is changing.
>> Since the cafe attack you can make out from the police statement there is a slight shift they are saying they are now ready to actually investigative these guys have foreign links. They put out a notice asking parents to report missing kids. You remember at least three of those five guys who walked into that cafe and started shooting to cross street the kids from affluent families in Dhaka, they've studied abroad.
Now there is a big worry that there could be many more of them.>> ISIS has warned violence in Bangladesh will continue until Islamic law's established world wide. Saying the Dhaka cafe attack was just a glimpse of what's to come