FIRST AIRED: August 5, 2016

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>> Donald Trump's campaign trail this week going from bad to even worse. On Wednesday he expressed outrage over a video which doesn't seem to exist.>> Iran provided all of that footage, the tape, of taking that money off that airplane, right? $400 million in cash.>> Trump was referring to a story that ran in the Wall Street Journal detailing a US airlift of some $400 million in cash to Iran last January, around the same time that Iran released several American prisoners.
The Wall Street Journal story describes pallets of money sent on an unmarked cargo plane to Tehran, and makes no mention of any video. But Trump says he saw detailed footage.>> And the tape is of the people taking the money off the plane. Right? That means that in order to embarrass us further, Iran sent us the tapes.
>> But there doesn't seem to be any footage. One possible explanation coming out Thursday morning, the Trump campaign telling the Washington Post Trump was not referring to top-secret video from a classified briefing, but to this confusing report featuring grainy, footage from Fox News.>> But others are going this looks a whole lot like ransom money.
>> Do you think?>> But that footage, from January, shows the American hostages arriving in Geneva, not pallets of cash arriving in Iran. It's not the first time Trump has alluded to video that he alone has seen and may not exist.>> I watched->> Last November he claimed to have viewed video showing thousands of Muslims in Jersey City cheering the attacks on the World Trade Center, an event police say never happened, and isn't captured on footage seen anywhere.
When pressed on the claim back on November, he dug in.>> So they said, we can't find anything, Mr. Trump. The reporters are calling all day, all night. They wanna find out did Trump make a mistake?>> Perhaps he did, and it's a mistake he appears to have now made twice.