FIRST AIRED: August 15, 2016

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>> An iconic photo of Usain Bolt from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, you've probably already seen it. It's become his Internet meme and has gone viral. And even Bolt is using it as his Instagram profile picture. Reuters photographer Kai Pfaffenbach snapped the moment during the semi-final 100 meter race on the evening Bolt won his third Olympic gold medal in the event.
>> To be honest this is absolutely cool a thing that Usain is using this picture as his Instagram profile. I think I have to catch up with him at the 200 meter race to find the thing that maybe get a printout at least to get an autograph for it.
While people were asking me if he was actually looking at me and smiling because he know that I have photographed him for a long while. And we had our personal contacts as well. But he was not looking into the camera. It was two or three photographers standing only on the inside of the track trying to get a picture like that.
But, it shows actually how self-confident he is in running this 100 meter race. Usain is a very photogenic sportsman, and he's a very cool guy. He's not like many others really reserved, or laid back, or getting annoyed by photographers. He's always kind of open, and is fun, and jokes around, and he's actually a perfect subject to photograph, to transport emotions, to freeze emotions.
It is really lucky the the fiftieth of a second, which I used, was quick enough to freeze the moment.