FIRST AIRED: August 23, 2016

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> Over the last two years, UNICEF and jihadi researchers have seen a rise in the use of child suicide bombers by groups like Islamic State and Boko Haram. I'm Patrick Markey reporting from Istanbul, where may have seen the first case of a child suicide bomber in Turkey.
Well, just over the weekend we had two cases of this increasing trend of militant groups using child bombers. One was in Turkey where President Erdogan had talked about a 12 to 14 year old, possibly being responsible for the bombing in the southern town where 54 people were killed.
Just hours later we had another child, a potential child bomber who was caught by Iraqi security forces in the northern city of Kirkuk. They stopped him, lifted up his shirt, and found two kilograms of explosives strapped to his body. So these are just two cases over one weekend, but what UNICEF and researchers into jihadi propaganda are saying is that there is an increasing trend of militant groups turning to, not just to child recruits but to child suicide bombers.
In fact, UNICEF says in West Africa over the last two years it's seen a fourfold increase in the number of child suicide bombers in Nigeria and the countries surrounding where Boko Haram is active. And there are several reasons why they may be using children. One is that they may be more susceptible or even more vulnerable to the kind of jihadian indoctrination these groups use.
Another is that some of these groups may be under military pressure and are turning to children as easier recruits to fill their ranks as they lose some of their adult fighters. It's possible as the groups like Islamic State turn to more guerrilla tactics, the groups become more desperate, or as they turn to their tactics increasingly that we may see an increase in those kind of bombings as well.