FIRST AIRED: August 17, 2016

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>> Europe's low cost airlines used to mock air miles programs as expensive relics of a bygone era. But as personalized customer data emerges as the next frontier for the industry, they're scrambling to catch up. Reuters Ireland correspondent Conor Humphries says budget airlines have missed a trick.>> While they were slashing costs over the last couple of decades, they managed to close down whatever customer loyalties schemes they had.
What's become clear since the rise of Google and Amazon is that this customer data that you can get through these kind of schemes is massively valuable.>> Airline chiefs now in a race to ape the success of retail giants like Amazon, budget carriers are moving away from treating the travel experience as a commodity.
Instead, they want to use data to create a more personalized experience, including highly targeted adverts for all those optional extras>> Baggage allowance, window seats, fast track security will provide far higher margins than regular ticket sales.>> What they've realized is that they're just not selling very well because they don't know their customers.
They're offering at maybe somebody who maybe doesn't know how to drive or somebody who's traveling to the center of London, they're offering them car hire which they're never gonna want.>> Ryanair, Europe's largest carrier, has hired hundreds of IT staff to rebuild its online offering. It's promising a major push to get its tens of millions of customers to register their data.
Number two carrier, Easy Jet, says it plans to one click sales based on deep personalization. Flyers can hope that travel will stay cheap but get a little more cheerful.