FIRST AIRED: August 18, 2016

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>> Who's problem is this? Most people in Calais' squalid and sprawling migrant camp have their eyes set on the UK. But Britain has been reluctant to open its doors to the irritation of some local French officials. On Thursday, authorities on both sides are set to meet, touring what's been dubbed the jungle.
As Reuters Costas Pitas notes, one issue in particular is on the agenda.>> Officials from the local government association will be in Calais meeting with French counterparts to discuss the issues around the jungle, particularly this notion of unaccompanied children.>> Around 4,000 lone children claiming asylum are currently in the UK and in the care of councils.
There are thought to be some 600 in the Calais migrant camp. In these torrid conditions, charities say unaccompanied children are among the most vulnerable. But their hopes of reaching Britain are hindered by the presence of UK Border Control on Calais soil. That bilateral deal isn't subject to EU membership.
But nonetheless, it's been facing renewed scrutiny since the UK's decision to Brexit.>> Since the Brexit vote, some officials in France have raised the question of whether there should be changes to border controls. Now whether that happens or not, we're not likely to know in the immediate future.
Passions were running high off to the vote on June 23rd. Some French officials wanted to move the border effectively towards Britain.>> That's a debate for another day. Lengthy Brexit negotiations mean any bilateral changes might be overshadowed for years to come. Right now, there's a more pressing concern.
The British
] say, Thursday's trip is about strengthening corporation and sharing expertise. As for sharing the burden, at the moment, that's not on the table.