FIRST AIRED: August 10, 2016

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>> Meet Chloe, part of the hottest new trend in finance, Robo-Advisory. A brokerage service for retail investors parking their hard earned cash in stocks, bonds or foreign via algorithms. Just tap your financial goals into an app and get automated advice. There's often no minimum investment and no FaceTime with an actual human broker.
I'm Reuter's correspondent Tara Joseph in Hong Kong's financial district. Industry watchers say, this segment of the financial market could capture up to 5% of total investment around the world in five year's time. And for major investment players like vanguard to new tech startups the race is on to build the best auto investment application.
Just a few weeks ago, US firm Betterment blew past the $5 billion mark. Making at the solo Robo-Advisory with the largest cash file on its books. Firms like this say, closely watch political events like Brexit are helping push customers into active investing. Thanks to the accessibility of technology, but the path to success isn't entirely smooth.
There's the obvious concern about cybersecurity and worries over how many investors would ditch their apps in a recession or bare market. Chloe built by independent firm, 8 Securities is set to launch in Hong Kong next month in region lagging the US and Europe when it comes to financial technology.
But if the trend catches on globally like tech firms are hoping, it may not be too long before investors are on the same page from East to West.