FIRST AIRED: August 24, 2016

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>> All of us collectively.>> If Labor leadership challenger, Owen Smith, has his way Brexit won't happen. In the pitch to the party's pro-EU base, he's threatened to block Article 50, claiming if elected leader, he'd use Parliament to prevent Britain's departure from the EU.>> The right thing for Labor to do and the 480 members of Parliament, across Parliament, who voted to remain is to pause this and to make sure that we don't trigger Article 50 until we know what the terms of the deal are and then we can put it back the British people.
If it is a worse set of terms than we imagine, either a second referendum or a general election.>> Owen Smith is laying down a gauntlet to incumbent Jeremy Corbyn. The Labor leader was described as lackluster by his MPs for his campaign to stay in the EU. It proved the starting pistol for Labor's implosion, since Corbyn's pro-EU credentials have been questioned and responding to Smith's threat to block Brexit, Corbyn stopped short of a similar commitment.
>> People voted for a variety of reasons but nevertheless, they did vote. We have to do our best to protect conditions and protect the economy in this country.>> Jeremy Corbyn held this press conference on Wednesday to talk about the NHS. But the frontrunner struggled to keep it on message facing his first real banana skin.
His campaign recently released footage of Corbyn unable to find a free seat on a Virgin train to New Castle, alleging he had had to sit on the floor, he made a point about rail nationalization. But Virgin later released CCTV footage claiming he had no point, and had in fact, been shown to available seats by staff.
>> We journeyed through the train looking for places, there wasn't a place for us all to sit down, and so for 40 minutes or so I remained at the front of the train in the vestibule there sitting on the floor.>> But Corbyn's campaign has hardly been derailed, gassed or not he is still the only candidate who seems able to draw these crowds.