FIRST AIRED: August 24, 2016

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>> Strikes on militants in Jarablus, Northern Syria. Turkey's war planes hitting the town just across it's border in a military operation starting Tuesday night. With support from jets of the US led coalition against Islamic State, Turkish special forces deployed across the border its tanks snaking through the area.
Their aim, cleansing Islamic State from its borders. It's Turkey's first major incursion into Syria since November and IS isn't the only target. Syrian Kurdish fighters of the PYD also coming under fire, although they're also supported by the United States. Ankara is angered by US support for Kurdish rebels in Syria who are fighting Islamic State, fearing they could bolster Kurdish groups on its own territory.
Reuters Nick Tattersall is in Istanbul.>> Turkey is of course, a member of the US led coalition against Islamic State and so its jets and its forces in this operation are being supported by members of the US led coalition. US officials saying that the target here is very much Islamic State and not the Syrian Kurds.
Erdogan and Turkey sending a slightly different message, saying that this is a clear signal to Syria's Kurdish militia that it should not cross the Euphrates river. It should not try to make more territorial gains along Turkey's border.>> Adding to US, Turkish tensions, the fallout from a failed military coup in mid-July, US Vice President Joe Biden in Turkey on Wednesday, the most senior U.S. official to visit since the putsch attempt.
The military operation follows a suicide bombing at the weekend that killed 54 people at a Kurdish wedding in Gaziantep in the southeast. Islamic State didn't claim responsibility but links are suspected. President Tayyip Erdogan vowing on Wednesday to strike terror groups and protect Syria's territorial unity.