FIRST AIRED: August 12, 2016

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>> The targets were set just eight months ago, but already they're in danger of being breached. 200 leaders meeting in Paris last year agreed to limit global warming. Vowing not to let world temperatures rise by more than 2 degrees Celsius, and aiming for an upper limit of 1.5 degrees.
But with the mercury soaring, this year is on track to be the hottest on record. Poorer nations particularly anxious about missing the targets as Reuters Senior Correspondent, Alistir Doyle explains.>> Developing countries say they're on the front lines, because they have more agriculture societies. They're more vulnerable to floods and droughts.
And especially you have Pacific Islands states or Indian ocean states, like the Maldives, Tuvalu, which say that just a meter of sea level rise would swamp many of these countries. And they'd just be wiped off the map.>> Senior climate scientists are meeting in Geneva next week to discuss how to reign in rising temperatures.
But even if they come up with a plan, there could still be trouble ahead.>> Donald Trump, the Republican candidate in the United States says that he will pull out of the Paris Agreement. He doesn't agree with President Barack Obama's policies of cutting greenhouse gas emissions to shift from coal and fossil fuels.
He believes that man-made climate change doesn't exist. On the other hand, Hilary Clinton is a very strong supporter of action under the agreement in Paris. So, it would make a huge difference as to who wins the White House later this year.>> Scientists, looking at new technologies to help cool things down, but relying on politicians to commit to taking the heat off.
>> Climate justice now.>> Climate Justice now.