FIRST AIRED: August 15, 2016

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>> A month in, the purge goes on. Turkey's biggest courthouse and two other courts in Istanbul raided on Monday. Plainclothes police leading away suspects accused of links to the mid-July coup attempt. Warrants were issued for 173 judicial personnel, more than 76,000 civil servants, judges and security force members have been suspended in the past month.
One dismissed prosecutor was caught trying to cross into Syria, officials say. Reuters Dave Dolan in Istanbul says, the government has long believed the judiciary to be infiltrated by followers of Fethullah Gulen, the cleric it accuses of masterminding the plot.>> The purge in the judiciary actually sort of predated the July 15 coup.
We did see cases before of prosecutors rounded up and things for alleged links to the Gulen network. So where this leaves the judiciary is going to be very interesting. Certainly, you know there are questions about whether there will be enough people, enough judges indeed to try all of these coup plotters when they do go on trial in Ankara.
>> But Gulen himself eludes Ankara's grasp. He has lived in Pennsylvania since 1999 and denies any role in the coup. Washington says it needs clear proof of wrongdoing before it can extradite him. Turkish officials say they have handed over such documents but it's not clear what's in them.
The stand off has strained ties. Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım calling Gulen a chief terrorist. And saying there can be no compromise with Washington, Gulen must be brought to Turkey to stand trial. Turkey's critics ever more fearful that the failed coup in which 240 people died, has become a pretext for crushing dissent