FIRST AIRED: August 24, 2016

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>> After a year of pledges to build a wall with Mexico and deport millions of undocumented workers, Donald Trump seems ready to change his tune. The Republican Presidential nominee at a Fox News Town Hall Tuesday night said that when it comes to illegal immigrants, he would focus on violent criminals.
>> Boy, you've got some really, really bad gang members and some horrible people.>> Start with them?>> Those people are going out day one, they're gonna be the first order I side.>>
>> But when host Shawn Hannity asked about those who contribute and abide by the laws, Trump answered
>> There certainly can be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people, we want people. We have some great people in this country. We have some great, great people in this country.>> Trump's new campaign manager on Sunday was asked by CNN whether the candidate still planned to create a quote deportation force to round up undocumented workers, her answer?
>> To be determined.>> Trump on Monday denied he was flip flopping on immigration. A topic that propelled him through the Republican primary. But he also postponed a planned policy speech on the subject scheduled for Thursday. Trump's possible easing off on immigration coming as he sharpens his attacks on Hillary Clinton for meeting with Clinton Foundation donors, while she served as Secretary of State.
A shake-up inside the Trump campaign last week appeared aimed at broadening the candidate's appeal and keeping Clinton in his cross-hairs, as poll after poll shows the Republican trailing the Democrat nationally. A Reuters, Ipsos survey out Tuesday showing Clinton with a 12 point lead with likely voters, 45% to 33 for Trump.