FIRST AIRED: August 25, 2016

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>> We will have a very good relationship.>> Donald Trump has been big news in Russia, the US presidential hopeful calling Russia's President Vladimir Putin a strong leader.>> I believe that I will have a very good relationship with Putin.>> Some conspiracy theories call him the Siberian candidate.
That may be off the mark, but Reuters Alex Whiting in Moscow says he's been getting a positive spin in Russia.>> Donald Trump is being portrayed positively in many Russian state media outlets. They present him as a maverick who represents the will of the American people, and they have speculated there is a plot to stop Trump getting elected.
Although the Kremlin has said that they will work with whoever is elected US President. Many speculate that the Kremlin would far prefer to see Trump as the next US President rather than Clinton.>> It might be obvious why, if domestically Trump can stir controversy, internationally he's threaten the status quo.
Questioning America's defense of other NATO members and considering winding down US military overseas commitments. And only adding to the intrigue, the appointment of Carter Page as a foreign policy adviser. The informal adviser worked for Bank at Merrill Lynch in Moscow. He's since written an article for journal Global Policy blaming the US State Department for precipitating the Ukraine conflict, with some of his public comments raising eyebrows.
>> Trump named Page as an adviser in March and Carter Page then came to Moscow to give a speech in which he criticized US policy towards the former Soviet Union.>> Trump's spokeswoman says Page doesn't represent his campaign in any official capacity. But it does add to the notion that Trump's foreign doctrine would differ greatly to the Obama administration's.
And that a Trump presidency might present Russia and its neighbors with a stark new reality.